David Bawden Violins

Violin maker and repairer - Carshalton, Surrey

Hello and welcome to David Bawden Violins! I make and repair stringed instruments in the violin family.

I trained in violin making and repair for 4 years at the Musical Instrument Technology Department of South Thames College and I am a member of the British Violin Making Association.

New instruments

I make violins and violas starting with my own drawings which replicate the forms and outlines used by Stradivari, but which are not copies of any particular instrument.

All my instruments are hand-made with minimal use of electric tools e.g. for preliminary cutting-out. I finish my instruments using grounds, colours and oil varnish supplied by Old Wood 1700.

I usually have violins ready to try, for loan and for sale. Alternatively, I will take a commission to make an instrument specifically for you.

Repairs and set-up

I provide a full repair service for violins, violas and cellos which includes:
- checking and adjusting the set-up of your instrument (the condition and fit of the pegs, fingerboard, bridge and sound-post)
- easing pegs and repairing the surface of worn fingerboards
- repairing open seams, cracks or other damage
- replacing worn parts, including pegs, bridges, fingerboards and nuts
- rehairing bows


For all enquiries, please contact me on
or at